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Full stop.

No greenwashing. No empty promises. For us, this isn’t just better business – it’s a better future.

For all of us, there are sound commercial reasons to be ‘greener’ – from reducing waste and improving efficiencies, to enhancing one’s brand image. But, at RelyOn, it matters more than that. We are parents and nature lovers – we simply want a better future. 


So, we are a mission to be the UK’s greenest, most caring cleaning company. For starters, we are working towards BCorp certification – looking at every aspect of our business to be better for people and the planet. 


Most urgently, we are improving in four main areas.


1. Greener transport. Lower carbon footprint
We recently introduced our first electric vehicles and are rapidly working on converting more of our fleet to EVs. Our logistics team are working to reduce journey emissions and optimise our van payloads. 


2. Local hubs
We have established local hubs for our office-based employees, to cut commuting mileage and resource consumption at our head office.


3. Cleaner materials and leaner cleaning
We are striving daily to reduce our water usage, analyzing our processes and working closely with our commercial equipment suppliers, such as Prochem and Ionic. 

We have an in-house R&D team developing natural, eco-friendly, essential oil-based alternatives to commercial chemical products.


4. Technology driven but human-centred
RelyOn is constantly looking for the latest innovation to reduce our impact, while improving value and service. However, our people will always be the heart of our organisation. 

As a responsible employer, we believe in respect, opportunity and fair pay. We actively support workplace diversity – especially equal pay for women, returning mothers and immigrant workers. All our staff earn above the living wage rate.

Isn’t it time your cleaning partner reflected your values? At RelyOn, we’re not just transforming places – we’re changing things for people and the planet, too.

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